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Rawson Internet Marketing (RIM) is a Virginia-based Digital Marketing Agency Serving the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and Beyond with WordPress Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media Account Management, Google Web Analytics & More.

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Search Engine Marketing & SEO

search marketingGet found when people are searching for your services. Inbound search engine marketing allows you to pull in customers by creating content, optimizing that content for search engines, and promoting and sharing that content in social media; and is a more efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy. Keyword research will help you understand how your online competition is using keywords, and will help you devise a strategy for choosing keywords that match your business well. 

Social Media Marketing & Account Management

social mediaEstablish and strengthen client and referral relationships. Social media marketing is a key driver of relationship building, content distribution, and brand visibility online; and for most businesses, the major social media marketing platforms are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Your initial focus when getting involved with social media should be to establish connections, build relationships, and engage in conversations with customers, prospects and your community of advocates.

Content Marketing & SEO

content marketingEnhance your positioning as a trusted industry expert. Content marketing for business is creating and sharing engaging and informative content in your blogs, articles, videos and social media updates to inform and educate your audience. Content marketing shows how the people at a company think and what is important to them, and it provides regularly updated, keyword-rich content for the search engines. A blog makes your website more dynamic by automatically injecting new content every time an article is published.

Digital Marketing & SEO Strategy

Align your marketing strategy with your business objectives. We deliver a well-coordinated multi-service package of digital marketing services to businesses to help them:
✱ Establish and build a strong brand and online presence
✱ Increase relevant website visitor traffic and engagement
✱ Extend the reach of their message and brand across relevant social media channels
✱ Build trust, loyalty, and recognition as a visible expert or leader in their area of expertise
✱ Generate new business leads and convert prospects into customers
✱ Help maintain brand loyalty and foster sales from existing customers
✱ Build key relationships with centers of influence to serve as referral sources and brand advocates

Web Analytics & Marketing Optimization

search engine marketingMeasure and act on your data to improve your business results. In today’s economy, business owners care about growing revenue and profits. You want to know the impact of each marketing investment, and compare those results to established goals. Online Marketing metrics have been transformed by the abundance of information available on websites and social networks, and now make it possible to quantify how campaigns and programs deliver value in line with company revenue objectives.

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